About Me

Hello! I'm Ashtyn, and the truth is, I love babies!!! I also love photography. Those two things combine into what I consider the best job in the world. I fell in love with maternity photography at the first maternity session I ever did, 8 years ago. Lucky for me, that mama came back to me for newborn photos, and thus was born a great passion. Photography is special to me because I can freeze a moment in time and revisit it over and over. Babies are only that small for such a short time, and kids grow up so fast. I don't think I really understood that until I had kids of my own.

I still get excited over beautiful shots and I love to share that energy with my clients. When your newborn is happily snoozing away and they give me a little smile, I light up inside. I think of photography as the art of visual storytelling. I want the photos in your home to tell the story of your life in a beautiful and seamless way. I like to use a wide variety of prompts to capture posed and candid moments during your session. I am always learning and growing in my field, and have completed countless hours of newborn photography training, that I may constantly be improving my craft. I have everything we need to create timeless, beautiful art that preserves this moment in your life, for you to enjoy for years to come.

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