Top 10 Favorite Things for New Moms

Self care is more important now than ever. In those first few weeks after giving birth, you need things that are going to make your life simpler and more comfortable. I've compiled this list of things that were essential for me after two babies and much trial and error.

I acknowledge that what works best for me, may not work best for everyone, but these are the top 10 things I suggest to my friends and family when they are expecting. I hope you find them helpful!

  1. Nursing Tops - Comfortable shirts to breastfeed in will make your life so much easier. Many babies do not like to be covered while they eat, and studies have shown that eye contact between a mother and their baby while nursing increases their bond.
  2. Nursing Bras - Your breasts are creating food for your baby, give them the support they need! I usually suggest getting at least 3 nursing bras, that way you have one to wear, one to wash, and a spare. I prefer the kind that clip down.
  3. Reusable Nursing Pads - These are great for catching leaking milk throughout the day, come with a nice mesh bag to wash them in, and are soft and comfortable.
  4. Wearable Breast Pump - Most insurances in the United States cover some or all of the cost of a breast pump for each pregnancy you have. With my first, I got a Spectra and I loved it. It is a powerhouse of a pump and is super efficient and has easy to clean parts. The downside, no portability. With my second, I got a wearable and it has made life so much easier.
  5. Ice Packs - I'm going to be honest and admit that breastfeeding can be quite painful in those first few weeks postpartum. Your breasts have to adjust to your milkflow and your baby's latch. Ice packs help with the soreness that can come from engorgement, clogged ducts, and pain associated with latching.
  6. Nipple Balm - It is not uncommon for breasts to crack, even bleed, in those first few weeks of breastfeeding. Your skin has not adapted to how often your baby needs to feed, and nipple balm helps alleviate that pain and tenderness. Make sure you get one that does not require to be cleaned off before feeding your baby. My preference is the MomFrida brand. I found it to be the easiest to apply.
  7. Milk Catchers - There are many brands that all do basically the same thing. An easy way to boost your stash as your body adjusts your supply to meet the needs of your baby. A milk collector goes on the breast you are not actively feeding from, to catch that liquid gold for your baby.
  8. Postpartum Belly Band - Whether you have a vaginal or cesarean birth, it is nice to have some extra support on the muscles that just supported your baby for nine months. These also help with back pain and to heal diastasis recti, or the separation of your abdominal muscles.
  9. Joggers/Yoga Pants - Mama, you deserve to be comfortable! Comfy pants are essential when you are in survival mode. Ain't nobody got time for zippers and buttons after they just had a baby. Make sure you choose ones with pockets!
  10. Compressions Socks - These are great for pregnancy, but they are also great postpartum! The worst of my swelling was actually right after I had both of my boys. I didn't have these with my first and remember my feet hurting so bad, even while elevated. When I had my second, I wore them religiously and had zero swelling or pain in my feet. Do your tootsies a favor and wear some compression socks!

Here's the link to my favorite things on Amazon!